l0lk4tty inquired Hey Amy, I wanted to thank you for answering my UCLA question and for being so nice and caring in general! I can imagine how tiring these college questions can get, considering that there are so many more badass things you do (maybe like, idk, founding and being a fucking boss ((literally)) of your own store, or writing for the Daily Bruin ((totally loved the smeared look of the title after the flood!)) ). Anyways, just wanted to say thanks for being an overall awesome human being! (:

LOL omg no prob. Best message today. Thanks for being so nice!

pizzafreaks inquired Hey, I found your videos and love them and I just wanted to know your personal opinion on some things I could do to get into ULCA because it's my dream school, I'm a junior in high school and I live in AZ but I heard it's hard for out of state?

I have nooo idea. Honestly I got waitlisted as well. I would use collegeconfidential or the UCLA previously admitted freshman page stats! It is harder for out of state though.

savemefromtheinternet inquired Hi Amy! I'm going to be a freshman at UCLA this year and I was wondering how you got your job at the Daily Bruin? And if you like it? I'm ineligible for work study but do intend to find a job (hopefully on campus) and the school paper would be a great choice for me. Thanks so much! ^_^

I applied! It’s not work study. It’s independent from that I believe. It’s definitely something you do not as a job but as a passion/hobby. (The pay is dirt.) Also even when you apply as a writer, you are writing for free. It’s only if you apply as an editor that you get paid. So even when I worked for the Daily Bruin for 2 quarters as a reporter, it was for free.