toxsic-k inquired what is the song in the end of 'The First Date Tag' video? in the description it says that it's stated in the end but it's trippin' me out because i don't think it is? haha am i possibly going crazy :P

It’s naive - the kooks jean tonique remix!

milkiertea inquired where did you get your button up shirt from in your recent ootd? I love your outfit :-) a singapore retailer!

anotherindividual inquired you're in teton village ?? that is by far my favorite place in all of the US. The jackson hole area is amazing! I'm so glad you're liking it <3

I was! I want to retire in Jackson Hole *-*

imkwonjihye inquired how tall are you?:)


fashioneliminate inquired How do you embrace your style?

Like a lot of people I don’t think I can pull off anything or most things.. but honestly, instead of being shackled by this thought, I use it to my advantage. It’s sorta ironic; I can’t rock anything so might as well wear everything I want. :-D That’s my thought process :-|